Transformer Tanks and Covers

Our core business is the production of tanks for oil distribution transformers with an output of 50 kVA to 2,500 kVA, including the covers and components for the core installation inside the tank. We produce a wide range of standard types of tanks in larger series, but are also able to produce piece orders based on a customer´s specific requirements. We conduct fluorescent penetrant inspection of the welds of the tanks and covers, which guarantees 100% tightness.

We carry out surface finishing by blasting with steel abrasive grit and subsequently apply powder plastic paint supplied by Valspar. The paints are available in RAL colour shades which can be selected by the customer as required. We can also surface finish tanks and covers by hot-dip galvanization. Prior to dispatch, the internal wall of the tank is washed with transformer oil to ensure cleanliness and to protect it.