Powder Painting

In January 2014, we opened a new powder painting shop supplied by GALATEK a.s. Powder plastic paints can be manually applied to suspended components by the appropriate personnel in one of two cabins. Both cabins are equipped with effective exhaustion units with a two-stage filtration system for capturing excessive paint. The maximum dimensions of the components that can be processed are 1,500 mm x 1,700 mm x 3,500 mm.

For hardening, we utilize an oven with indirect gas heating. The work space dimensions are 1,500 mm x 1,700 mm x 5,000 mm.

The components are transported via an overhead transport system which passes through all the technological equipment on the same level. The maximum admissible weight of a painted component is 1,000 kg. Components are subsequently cooled in a cooling zone into which an air conditioning system supplies fresh air and extracts hot air from the painting shop.


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